From Unlawful Non-Citizen of 23 Years to a Fully Fledged Australian Citizen

As a team of immigration lawyers, we have had the opportunity to assist many clients with their visa applications and other immigration matters. However, one case stands out as particularly challenging and rewarding.

In 2018, our team personally surrendered a client who was an unlawful non-citizen for 23 years to the Department of Home Affairs. Our client was understandably concerned that they might be placed in the detention center and removed from Australia outright. However, we had faith in our decision to surrender our client to the authorities and in the legal process.

Through our representation and the legal process, our client was given permission to apply for another substantive visa. This was a huge relief for our client. Additionally, the “No Further Stay 8503” condition was waived and they were given unlimited work rights in Australia. This was a significant outcome for our client, as it meant they could continue to live and work in Australia without fear of deportation.

Recently, we received the news that our client’s Australian citizenship was granted. This was a defining moment for them and for us as their law firm who handled this case.

This experience taught our law firm the importance of perseverance and believing in the legal process. It also reminded us of the significance of our role as lawyers and the impact it can have on people’s lives.

Roder Lawyers is grateful for the opportunity to assist our client in achieving their goal of becoming an Australian citizen and we look forward to continuing to assist clients in navigating the complex world of immigration.